Building a Cake Kitchen Building a Cake Kitchen

Building a Cake Kitchen

By Debbie Aitatus

Building a Cake Kitchen Building a Cake Kitchen

WOW! Just WOW. I’m amazed at the growth I've been able to go through with my Studio. I started in my home kitchen, after which I build a tiny kitchen in our home office on the ground floor. That home office or just extra space became my cake studio. I started there. Solo, in my tiny kitchen. The past few years have been a big lesson. When I stood in front of the Chamber of Commerce to enroll my business I was like, we’re gonna rock this and get mega lots orders. Reality check 6 months in when the number wasn’t at 10K and to tell you the truth I was extremely happy about it.

Mind you, I’m a complete self-made pastry chef with a foundation in design. Some of my favorite learning platforms are Craftsy and Tutorials from other Cake Designers like Sharron Wee, Maggie Austin & Petal Sweet Cakes. So for me to earn 10K on my own in the first year after investing big time was an unrealistic dream. My hands only can do so much. That’s when I embraced that space to grow, learn and most importantly create a steady customer base. That customer base still stands after 6 years and is growing with the speed of light.

To be able to keep following the light I need to grow even further and I am extremely fortunate to be able to do it in my own home. We’re going to combine that tiny kitchen with the studio space in front of and build (euhm) huge Cake Kitchen Studio. Combining the comfort of working from home with the needs the studio has today.

So let’s get started! Most of the things we are going to do are on our to-do list. For the few things that we need suppliers for we are discussing the last things. We’re waiting for an offer from the Plummer. If you know someone, please comment down below. I want to kick these series off with the floorplans. I’m so excited to show you. The next post will be about who does what and building with my wife.

Side View Studio Happy Story

Let’s take a look at the current situation. As you can see the area is divided with the smaller section being the kitchen. Being a cake designer doesn't require much kitchen space. You can do the decorating part at a work table easily. So starting I just made a window in the wall and divided our hallway with multifunctional closet space. Party for studio storage, and partly for our coats & shoes. The kitchen and sink were placed in the smaller area so I could close it off. I have this amazing freestanding oven from Unox (which in Holland is a sausage brand). I’ll be keeping this oven for this year in the studio. In the future, that may change, but for now, I love Anna. Yes, my oven has a name ;-).

Studio Happy Story Floorpan Bird View

When putting that space together I wanted to do as minimal construction as needed. I didn’t want to knock down walls or take our wood-looking floor. Now after running this studio for a good amount of years space has become highly unpractical and way too small. The needs are much more storage, a much larger fridge, and a separate freezer, more workspace, separate dish area, private areas that are private for us and a cafe-like-look where customers can come visit, have a coffee and a slice of cake. So here’s how that looks on the floorplan.

⬇️ The building part (excluding furnishings)

Construction plans


The new layout! This layout divides the studio and the home area with a sliding door. Our car park is behind our house, so that is the most used entrance for us anyway. What do you think? 

Final Layout by Studio Happy Story

⬆️ That island is 1.2x2 meters 😍

I can’t wait to open up a shop and invite you to my Cake Kitchen Studio. Please let me know your thoughts and if you want to help? I still need a flexible solution for my display cakes. Ideas are welcome!

Want to stay updated? I’ll post update notifications on Instagram. I'm posting rebuild updates on Thursdays and Sundays and these will vary from technical shizzle to moodboards and trips to suppliers. Excited!

See you 🤗,


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