Focus Focus


By Debbie Aitatus

Focus Focus

This is something that’s really challenging for me. First I wanted to say that this is my main problem. But I don’t consider this a problem. In my opinion that feels too negative. A more positive way to look at it is that we have challenges that we can face and solve. Currently, my main challenge is focus.

I tend to get all over the place in my head and want to accomplish a million things. Every year around this time I realize that I just can’t do it all. I’m also learning slowly that that’s totally okay.

I spend 2,5 days this week alone in a hut on a tiny island which had no way out but with a boat. Not a fancy boat with a motor, but a rowing boat. My arms still hurt. Did I enjoy it? Yes! and came to the conclusion that I need to spend more time outside. Maybe not that much in desolation, because I did feel a bit alone and didn’t really know what to do with myself. But I did start going outside more last weekend with a hike in the dunes & forest with friends. Loved it and can recommend it to anyone. The plus point about living in a tiny county is that everything is relatively close to each other. So the beach, dunes, forest are max. 45 minutes away by car.

Being back home also gave me the realization that I need to focus. Take it easier - mentally! Let go of things I can’t change and accept what is at this moment. So I’m not going to “force” deadlines on myself anymore. There are three things that I want to accomplish this year business-wise:

  1. Create beautiful cakes for customers
  2. Design & create a designer cake line-up
  3. Finalize the rebuild plans for the studio

That’s it. I still aim to create beautiful content for you guys, but if I do the 3 things correctly, the content will follow.

Have a great week everyone!
Check out my stories for random happy things :).

This week's random happy things

  1. Stay in a hi-ha-hut (bring a buddy, not sponsored)
  2. Plan your week ahead (for a quiet head)
  3. Go on an outdoor hike in nature


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