✨Happy Half of the Year 🌈 ✨Happy Half of the Year 🌈

✨Happy Half of the Year 🌈

By Debbie Aitatus

✨Happy Half of the Year 🌈 ✨Happy Half of the Year 🌈

Was it also a quick first half for you? For Studio Happy Story it went by like crazy. Today is the 182nd day of the year a.k.a. the start of the second half.

It’s also a perfect time to reflect on your accomplishments and start doing the things you still want to finish this year. Studio Happy Story has had a super exciting first half!

Let's sum it up:

  • Being the primary cake and dessert supplier of Café Blond Amsterdam
  • Our website and online cake shop launch last May!
  • Baking and shooting pictures of all our new cakes!
  • A significant increase in Google ranking. Whoop whoop.
  • +100 new followers on Instagram. Thank you!
  • Returning customers! Love you guys.
  • New customers: Welcome and we’d be extremely happy to see you back ;-).

Let’s put the first half in numbers:

  • 1.013 Sweets
  • 47 Signature Pink Velvet Cakes
  • 20 Vegan Cakes
  • 16 Cake Shop Cakes (from its launch May 17)
  • 7 Designer Cakes
  • Equals to about 2.510 servings!!!

The second half we also have some big plans, which we are really excited about. We’re aiming to end 2019 with:

  • Lots of birthday and wedding cake orders from you!!
  • A new wedding cake collection
  • A newly designed and rebuild Studio & Cake Kitchen Shop. We’re currently redesigning our space.
  • New Business to Business Collaborations
  • Exciting new theme and holiday cakes

As you can also see from our posting frequency and stories we’ll be documenting everything more and more. We do this primarily on our Stories Blog but are trying to incorporate more and more video.

We’re extremely proud of everything we managed to do this first half of the year, so we’ll be celebrating with cake!

Wishing you lots of Happy for the second half!
Love, Debbie.


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