How to transport your cakes How to transport your cakes

How to transport your cakes

By Debbie Aitatus

How to transport your cakes How to transport your cakes

Thank you for ordering your cake with Studio Happy Story! We're excited for you to pick up one of our beautiful shop cakes! In case you haven’t transported a cake in your car before, here are some pro tips: 

Before pick-up

  • Our cakes travel best when they are cold. When you pick up your cake, it will be chilled, and your car should be also. During the summer, we recommend blasting the AC on your way over to our Studio to cool down your car, and then leaving the car running with the AC on high while you come in to get your cake. This will ensure that the car is cool when you place the cake in it. This is essential when taking the cake on longer trips, and very helpful no matter the distance.
  • If you’re traveling with a cake during the winter, make sure it is not placed near an air vent with hot air shooting out. Keep the car as cold as possible.
  • It’s wise to clear out your trunk before picking up your cake.
  • All cakes will be packaged in cardboard boxes with lids. It’s also easy to store your cake this way. 

At the Studio

  • Please carry the cake box securely, holding it from the bottom, not the sides. Avoid tilting or jostling the box.
  • Make sure to place the cake box in a completely flat area in your car. In most cars, the flattest spot in the trunk or otherwise the floor on the passenger’s side. Do not place the cake on a seat, as they are never completely flat.
  • Avoid placing your cake in direct sunlight.
  • If you are picking up a two-tier cake, you may want to bring a friend for assistance. Two-tier cakes are surprisingly heavy and can be awkward to carry and place in a car by yourself.  

    While driving

    • Please drive carefully! We always recommend driving with care, but it’s especially important when a cake is involved. Avoid sharp turns or slamming on your brakes.
    • If you have any questions about transporting your cake, please ask! We are extremely confident in the structure of our cakes, but once your cake leaves our Studio, we are not responsible for any damages that occur. If you have concerns about transporting your cake, please contact us to discuss adding delivery to your order.


    Please note: we do offer and recommend delivery for all cakes larger than two tiers! If you are purchasing a wedding cake or a large cake from us, we will discuss delivery during your design consultation.


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