My Favourite Cake Kitchen Tools My Favourite Cake Kitchen Tools

My Favourite Cake Kitchen Tools

By Debbie Aitatus

My Favourite Cake Kitchen Tools My Favourite Cake Kitchen Tools

We finished the Studio rebuild. WhoopWhoop! Champagne is still on the planning 🍾. Due to personal stuff we haven't come around to it. I also wanted to document the whole process in blog posts. COVID-19 and a sick mom got in the way of that. To look at it from the positive side: I did document a lot in my stories on Instagram. I’ve highlighted it so you can check out the whole process. I do want to post a longer video sometime soon on YouTube about the whole rebuild and a tour of the studio if you’re interested that is. 

In this post, I want to show you my favourite kitchen tools. The rebuild gave me an excuse to splurge on stuff that you don’t buy that easily because they don’t sell it here in The Netherlands. I’ve got some stuff from the US and New Zealand. Thankfully they still got in the country even with COVID-19. 

Besides these things I also have a few items I already had. If you want to know where I got everything, leave a comment below and I'll add the links. Keep in mind that with importing stuff from overseas, you’ll pay a huge sum for delivery and an (optional) importing fee, that you’ll get a bill of later. I also want to mention that this post is not sponsored in any way. 

My top 10 favourite baker tools:

  1. Kitchen Aid Mixer
  2. GIR Tools
  3. Microplane Grater
  4. Bench scraper
  5. Plastic bowls
  6. Turntable
  7. Pans
  8. Unox Oven
  9. Scoop
  10. Pallet knife 


Kitchen Aid Mixer

Kitchen Aid Mixers Studio Happy Story

This is my all-time favourite mixer. When I first started this bakery in 2014 I knew I wanted a pink kitchen aid mixer. Back then they weren’t so accessible were I live. So I imported one from the US. Can you believe that back then that was the cheapest option? I still love my 6 QTR mixer and use it almost daily. It broke down a few months ago and I was forced to buy another one. So I opted for a smaller 4,5 QTR mixer for smaller batches and colouring stuff. If you’re wondering what we did whit my beloved 6 QTR mixer: my lovely wife found out which parts we needed and she fixed it. So now it's running as smooth as butter again. 


Get It Right Kitchen Tools

GIR Get It Right Tools from Studio Happy Story

This one I’ve been having my eyes on for years. The thing that kept me from buying these was funnily enough import. I found the amount too small to import these, so I’ve scoundrel the web to find these closer to home. Unsuccessfully. So when I looked at there site last month and saw that they had a 50% discount on everything I bought them directly! They arrived at the studio within a week! The thing I love about these tools is that they are made out of one silicone. That means that there is no risk in separation and food getting caught in the seams. It also resists heat up to 260ºC, so caramel and candy is no problem. I've treated myself to every size spatula’s and whisks available. I got a cute card in the package saying I can treat my friends to $10 off on the first order over $40. Send me a message if you want to use that :-).


Microplane Grater 

Microplane tool from Studio Happy Story

This little tool of wonders is the creme de la creme of graters! This tool will zest your lemon fine or medium without getting the bitter white stuff. When zesting lemons or oranges it will also leave your kitchen smelling like happiness! Other uses, for example, are grating nutmeg, ginger, hard cheeses like parmesan, coconut.


Bench Scraper

Bench scrapers from Studio Happy Story

This tool is mostly used by pastry chefs & bakers to fold the dough and scraping dough from your worktop or bowl. The most useful for me for this toll is to smooth out the buttercream on cakes. I love these, because they lay great in my hands, are easy to clean and have straight edges. I also have one from Wilton “especially for cake decorating”, but I don’t like it that much. It has rounded edges and that doesn’t work with straight edges cakes. You can get these at any cooking store or online.


Plastic Mixing Bowls  

Mixing Bowls by IkEA from Studio Happy Story

Honestly, I love glass bowls and have a few, but I am in the process of replacing them. I’m terrified that I break one and that it’ll get in my cake batter or something similar. Pyrex is a great glass option if you want glass bowls. I’m replacing all glass bowls with stainless steel and plastic ones. I find the plastic bowls especially marketed for baking pretty expensive, so I bought a set at IKEA just to test out and I’m in love! I already used the stainless steel ones from IKEA. These plastic bowls do great in the microwave, have a rubber underside to prevent slipping, have a pouring mouth and a good grip. Noting but love for these bowls. The glass bowls will retire to our home kitchen ;-).



Turntable by Ateco from Studio Happy Story

When I started I bought these turntables from IKEA for €6. When you baking at home for fun, these will do. So do not go and spend a crazy amount of money. I used this one for a good 4.5 years before buying this one. The reason I bought this one is stability, it can handle more weight and I love the classic look of this turntable. It works great as a cake stand for pictures. I also have another one my wish-list, but 1) there’s no reseller here and 2) two turntables are a bit excessive for one baker. If you are looking to invest in a turntable that has that classic feel to it, check this one out.



PME Baking Pans from Studio Happy Story

This is a needed cake maker product. My favourite is simple: the pans from PME. They are made out of one piece aluminium that has a great warmth distribution. My personal preference is 5 cm heigh pans. I bake every cake layer separate and that height fits in my oven in a way that I can use all 4 baking racks thus bake more layers at once ;-). For cakes, I also prefer the pans without a removable bottom. If you grease and flour or parchment a pan correctly the cake will release easy. I do use the removable bottoms for cheesecakes and pies. That way you don’t have to flip your masterpiece over. 



Studio Happy Story's Unox Oven

This oven! It’s been working for 6 years now and I doubt that I’ll ever buy a different brand. This oven made in Italy has everything I need. For me, those are only temperature and time settings. I do have another Miele oven, but I started with this one. Why? They are extremely easy to use. They do have digital ovens and more elaborate ovens with steam functions and programming options. For my cakes, this oven does the job. The most important reason I bought it many years ago was that they are stackable. You can expand easily without sacrificing space. For my tiny kitchen that was and is a must. Now I’m at the point that I want and kind of need a bigger oven in width, so I can fit larger cake pans. The new space for the oven is calculated on the new oven that’ll come in the future. And yes, it'll be a stackable UNOX oven. 



Studio Happy Story's Scoops 

This is one of my favourite tools because you can easily measure cake batter and cookie dough. It also comes in handy when scooping ice cream. What most people don’t know is that you can get these is a grange of sizes. Form tiny balls to huge portions. They're also not called scoops in the chef jargon, but portioning spoons.


Pallet knife

 Studio Happy Story's Pallet Knifes

Another needed cake artist tool is a pallet knife. I have different sizes, but two are my all-time favourite, most used ones. A small one and a big one all offset. I have the Wilton ones, but lots of brands have them. This tool is used to apply and smooth out frosting or other cake fillings.

That's the top 10. I do have one extra favourite tool which needs a post of its own. That's how much I love it. Want to peak anyway? Check out my IGTV to watch it being build. A part two will happen. more about that later.

Those are some of my favourite and most used cake tools. Hope you enjoyed this list. If you have any questions, want to know where I bought these tools or want to see other tools let me know in the comments below ;-). 

Happy baking,


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