New Services During COVID-19 New Services During COVID-19

New Services During COVID-19

By Debbie Aitatus

New Services During COVID-19 New Services During COVID-19

Dear friends,

I hope you’re doing well in this uncertain period. It has been so long since I have written a newsletter, that you may have forgotten that you subscribed. The unsubscribe button is down. No hard feelings :-). If you do decide to stick around we have some sweet things for you. Yes, We! I asked my wife to join this Happy business. So now we are two :-). She has been managing the back house of Studio Happy Story. If you follow us on Social Media you know that we have been rebuilding the cake studio.

COVID-19 unfortunately also was a big bummer for us with losing our hospitality clientele. We have finished the studio as far as we could for now and will gradually replace appliances and add furnishings. That said: we are extremely grateful that it is possible to keep baking cakes for your birthdays! Because of the rules in place, we have made a few products and added some services that will stay for the time that these rules are in place. So that you and optional your guests can enjoy cake safely and keep celebrating birthdays.

We added new products to our webshop that are available for Outside pick-up at the studio:

  • Slice of cakes for our classic & premium flavours. 
  • Mini cakes that you can enjoy with your 4-6 family & friends. Available in our our classic & premium flavours. 
  • No waste cake! All the flavor in a different package.

Studio Happy Story collaboration with Uber Eats!

Amazing right? We are so excited! You can order cake slices and cookies from Uber Eats for delivery in a 5,5 km radius from studio. We are really transparant about our pricing, so want you to know that the prices are different from our website and that’s because of the costs of providing this delivery service are pretty high. On the good note: We are offering free delivery till April 28 on orders placed with Uber Eats. Use promo SUPPORT020.

Our other products and custom cakes are available with a lead-time of 2 weeks depending on the design. If you have any request don't hesitate to contact us by mail or phone.

Outside pick-up & delivery

As of directly, all pick-ups are outside. This means that we will place your box on a table outside and we aks you to stand back while we do. We will stay inside on a safe distance (sorry no hugs for now) while you grab your sweets and we say our goodbyes. Unfortunately, we cannot let you in the studio because of hygienic reasons. Delivery is also available on request and will take place in the same manner.

We hope you are as excited about our adjusted services so that you keep celebrating. I also want to give a shout out to our small and local business.

Thank you for supporting us, we appreciate it especially now!

Love and virtual hugs for now,
Ursina & Debbie.


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