Our Cakes at Café Blond in Amsterdam Our Cakes at Café Blond in Amsterdam

Our Cakes at Café Blond in Amsterdam

By Debbie Aitatus

Our Cakes at Café Blond in Amsterdam Our Cakes at Café Blond in Amsterdam

If you’re a member of my happy bits & pieces newsletter or if you follow me on social media, you’ve probably heard this happy news already. This post is for the few who haven’t heard the news yet.


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So the news! Who doesn’t know Blond Amsterdam. If you don’t know them head on to their website to read all about them. But they had a shop & a separate cafe. Now they have their shop in their cafe or the cafe in their shop. What’s more important is that they have my cakes & happy sweets in their shop cafe. Yes! So from now on, you can enjoy Studio Happy Story’s creations at Cafe Blond in Amsterdam. 

Carrot Banana Slices

The offer can vary slightly each week, but the following will be available every week:

  • The signature blond pink velvet cake. Which is exclusively available for Cafe Blond!

  • A vegan & gluten-free cake for my plant loving and gluten intolerant friends. The Vegan Cake Collection will also be in my coming weeks.

Vegan Chocolate Cake

To make the party complete I also bake a variation of happy sweets for the cafe. This will vary a bit from week to week but this week's sweets are:

  • Carrot Cake Slices with old fashioned cream cheese frosting (think this will be a keeper!)

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • Rice Crispy Party Bars (these are so delicious!)

Want to stay updated about what will be available that week? Follow me on Instagram, where I’ll be posting that weeks delivery. If you happen to enjoy our cakes and sweets tag @studiohappystory then I can love it. 

Where to go

Cafe Blond
Ferdinand Bolstraat 44
Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Keep smiling,

Rice Krispy Squares


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