Discover cake that is just as tasty as it is beautiful!
At Studio Happy Story the start of every cake, cupcake & dessert is the taste.


Everything is made from scratch in our Cake Kitchen with real butter, pure vanilla, homemade jams, curds and fillings, Callebaut chocolate, organic teas and more.

We mainly make Swiss meringue buttercream, because it simply has the best taste and texture. For our Vegan cakes, we use an American style icing. 

We have some favorite flavor combinations that we've listed down here, but we are a creative bake studio. That means we can come up with new flavors that fully compliment your taste.


Our favorite flavor combinations



Vanilla cake filled with vanilla buttercream and strawberry jelly.


Chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream and white chocolate crisps. 

Red Velvet

Red Velvet cake filled with white chocote buttercream and raspberry jelly. Also works great with cream cheese buttercream.


Funfetti vanilla cake filled with sprinkled vanilla buttercream.

Cookie Dough

Chocolate chip vanilla cake filled with vanilla buttercream and cookie dough chunks.

Caramel Pop

Vanilla cake soaked in popcorn infused milk, filled with vanilla buttercream and crunched caramel popcorn.

Lemon Meringue

Lemon cake filled with lemon curd, lemon buttercream and crushed meningue pieces.

Champagne Passion Fruit

Vanilla cake soaked in champagne syrup, filled with passion fruit buttercream and curd.

Dulce de Leche

Caramel cake filled with sweet milk buttercream and dulce de leche.


Carrot banana cake with classic cream cheese buttercream and walnuts.

Berry Pistachio

Pistachio sponge cake with crushed pistachios and raspberry buttercream filling.