Let’s talk about control baby!

Okay control. Who has it? Sometimes it’s easy to feel out of control and like you don’t have any say in your life. I mean, there are lot’s of people who influence how you in control you feel: your clients, your boss, you partner, you kids and maybe even your pets. 

I mean we haven’t been on a vacation out of country for like 6 years. And yes,  the doggies also play a teeny tiny part in that decision. You’re probably thinking: so it’s the dogs fault that you didn’t go on vacay?! Lol, offcourse not! 

I run my own business, I work “part-time” (more like 4 days full time, but I’m still in denial after 3 years 😜), I have 2 dogs, I’ve a wife, I (still) have friends. Sometimes I feel like I’m not in control because of all these things pulling at me. I also have this mega want-to-do list like workout more (or just workout would be fine), see more of my friends, go on more trips, develop my business more and-so-on.

It may feel like you’re out in control, but ultimate you (yes you) are the one making al these choices, said yes to doing all these things. So it is your choice and you control what happens to it.

It won’t always be unicorns and rainbows. But you are always your own boss, in whichever situation you find yourself!

I love my wife, my doggies, my friends, running my own business and also my “part-time” job & colleagues. All the other stuff I want to do? I’ll squeeze them in. How? When I feel like it I commute to work by bike (doubles as workout), I have dinner with friends, I collaborate with friends on business projects (= developing my business), I try to wake up 30 min earlier to yoga or stretch (self-time), take Sunday’s to write, bike with my wife, once in while open up shop and in the world I dream about: I would have a pot roast on the stove for family/friends Sunday dinners (let’s keep dreaming about that 😊).

To wrap this control rant up: my motivation Monday message to you all is to take control! It’s your life, it’s short and no one will do it for you!