From me to you

Dear You,

I’ve been researching what to write a blog post about at this time of the year. I have found some amazing ideas and even made a plan about what to post. Like: next years trends, last years favorites, planning for next year and so on. All good ideas which will probably come back at some point in this post. But right now I just want to have an honest heart to heart with you guys and tell just tell you what 2018 has been like and what I’m looking forward to in 2019.

Past year has been another rollercoaster which had the good, the bad and yes also a bit of ugly. It started out really positive and full of plans. Just read my “No resolutions, but goals” post from January 2018 or my “You decide the start of your new year” from September 2018. Lot’s of ups and downs.

Personally it was a year of re-discovering myself & my business, spending much needed quality time with my loved ones, working at my job as a interior & graphic designer and running my cake business. I also spend lots of time getting a morning routine in order which includes yoga & breakfast (I used to skip breakfast) and finding balance in life with all that I do. It was a year full of why’s and how’s. I’m hoping 2019 will have a few answers, but i’m Also full aware that it’s the journey that counts.

Some business highlights of this year

  • Got to make some great cakes for customers from all over the world. It amazes me every time when customers from overseas put there trust in someone they’ve never met.

  • Had some more business to business order.

  • My cakes starred in Pop-Up Restaurant Naresh at Dutch Design Week 2018.

  • Had not one but two amazing photoshoots! One with Blond Amsterdam and one with Mrs. Lake Weddings & Events (more of that incredible photo shoot in the new year ;-).

  • Newly designed website & launch of the new online cake shop

  • Happy x Sweets Pop-Up shop at Sunday Market together with my lovely friend from Glorious Sweets

  • And offcourse all my amazing customers who ordered there cakes and event planning with me!

I did have some low’s last year. I honestly thought about giving my business up, because sometimes it does get to much. But after much though about why I started in the first place: to be able to be my own boss while doing something that makes myself & others happy. I found that happy something in desserts. Desserts are that indulgence that you eat to make your soul happy. That reason is too important to leave the business behind for.

2019 will be all about balance, fun, happy, enjoyment, family, love and celebrating life in all aspects!

I’ve been thinking long and hard about 2019. Because one thing is for sure: It’s going to be a big (and I’m aiming for a consistent) year. I have some things I want to do, but know I’m not going to be able to do it alone. So I’m (finally) going to install the help of my dear friends who are always willing to lend a helping help.

So hereby some projects I want to tackle in 2019:

  • More business to business collabs

  • Growing the “Stories” blog and giving more Happy

  • Add lots of TLC to my customer service

  • Keep you in the loop with the business & maybe some personal related things

  • Add new products to the online shop

  • Celebrating the holidays and life in general

  • Creating new cake designs and theme cakes.

  • Lot’s of room for possibilities and spontaneity.

2019 will be all about balance, fun, happy, enjoyment, family, love and celebrating life in all aspects! Join me and lets get on this amazing adventure!

Have a Happy Everything,