April does what it wants 🌷

Maybe this really is a Dutch saying, but what it comes down to is that April’s weather is unpredictable 😂. So it can be “summer-like” of rain & soggy. 

I kind of thinks this also applies to life in general. It’s the start of Spring. Time for spring cleaning, assessing life/business and making new plans. 

March was full of new things, here are a few of my favourite march things:

We’re well into April now and I’m making plans for coming seasons. I won’t be doing anything special business wise for easter, but I want to make something for mothers day to celebrate all moms! Any ideas?

I want to make something for mothers day to celebrate all moms! Any ideas?

Maybe you’ve noticed a stale on my YouTube Channel. Sorry about that. Currently, I’m busy with getting in a flow with Cafe Blond’s production and designing new products. So (for the time being) I won’t be posting anymore new recipe vid’s. I’m trying to film my process in product creating so I can make Studio Vlogs for you. I would love to take you behind the scenes more :-). I also loved making the recipe video, but honestly, it’s a whole lot of work - planning, scripting, filming with one camera and editing. It’s kind of a whole job on its own. The question I asked myself was: do I really want to spend my energy on this? So I’ve put it back on the waiting bench for now.

I am in the process of making some useful informative videos and blog posts for you guys and for future clients. These posts will help you ordering your cake at Studio Happy Story, transporting the cake or getting it delivered, how to cut your cake and some more posts in these series. One thing I am going to do though is filming the whole series before posting it. That way I’ll have all the content ready and you won’t be left hanging 👍🏽.

On a personal note

The reason why some ideas stop is that I’m always in the search of finding Happy and a manageable work/life/family balance. It’s easy to get caught up in one or another, but for me, it’s important to find a balance between everything in my life. Sometimes that means that ideas started with great intentions are meant to be left behind and make room for ideas that give more energy than take it. 

With these wise words, I leave you :-).
Have a Happy month everyone!