Fall for Autumn

Wow summer is over and fall is here. That went fast! 😱 Let’s take a breather here and look back at the summer season 😉. It was a amazing one with unbelievable warm temperatures for our little country ☀️.

I launched the new Cake Shop, met new people through my give-away on Instagram, had a great collab with Blond Amsterdam, picked up this weekly stories posts again, had lots of BBQ’s & dinners with friends, enjoyed drinks on the front porches with neighbors, baked cupcakes, cookies & cakes, hung out with my sister & had bike rides with my wife. These are some of the highlights of my Summer 2018. What are yours?


In a previous post I shared that I tend to not enjoy the switch to the autumn & winter seasons. Read all about it in the Find Happy in Change Story. To be able to find Happy in change I’ve decided to make a list of all the things I want to do this season.

Now I’m looking forward to continue the happiness this Autumn, be more conscious of how I spend my time and be sure that besides my office job & studio work like cake order, cake & (social) media content creation, I also spend time on: myself, my wife & other people I love & my doggies.


My focus this fall is on being mind-full, active, happy with myself and share happy moments with the people I love.


Some things on my list are

  • Visit a farmers market

  • Pick apples on a farm

  • Visit a museum

  • Continue my flower garden project

  • Go on bike rides with my wife

  • Make caramel apples

  • Open my Studio Weekend Cake Shop

  • Stay in bed while Netflixing & chill for a weekend

  • Cook for friends

  • Have a bonfire with s’mores

  • Do a forest walk with the doggies

  • Go to or have a Halloween Party

  • Make the home cosy with candles, cushions & blankets

  • Start working out (try 5000+)

  • Go on Vacay - YES!

  • Go stargazing while having a wine picknick

  • Design a Wedding Cake Collection

Autumn also has some of the best Holiday’s

Animal Day (Dierendag) on October 4th
Autumn Holidays for the schools on October 13 - 28th
Halloween on October 31
Sint-Maarten on November 11
Sinterklaas on December 5th

Do you celebrate these holidays and would you guys/gals be interested in something sweet for Christmas? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading & stay Happy.
❤️ Debs.