Welcome to the Cake Design Stories

Yay! The year is well on its way. This year I want to do my best to share more stories with all of you. One of those stories is about Cake Design. I want to take you behind the scenes of the design process of my cake designs. Every cake is designed from an idea and inspirations. Inspirations come from everywhere. From nature, Netflix shows (let keep it real), design, life’s adventures and so much more. Sometimes it’s customers who already have a clear idea, lots of times it’s a close collaboration and sometimes it’s “we trust you to come up with a design”. I love those one’s. It gives me as a designer full creative freedom.

In these series I’ll focus on the design process and of course I’ll finish the stories with a final cake shot.

But for the total picture here’s what a total cake process more or less looks like. Let me know in the comments below if you’d like in dept information about the other steps.

Design phase

  • inspiration

  • color pallate

  • cake sketch

  • technical cake “building” drawing (if applicable)

Production phase

  • kitchen production

  • decorating

  • final cake photography 

  • packaging followed with pick-up or delivery

The first cake I want to share with you is this the first birthday cake for the cutest boy ever!

For me I get the most satisfaction of a cake request where my clients don’t exactly know what they want as design. That leaves me as the designer free to come up with designs that fit them. With children’s birthdays I love to ask what there favorite things to play with are. This gives you a great source of inspiration to use in the final design. This boy’s favorite things are his zebra plush animal and he loves to play with balls. Those are great starting points.

This picture is from  Milky Bubble Kids  but in The Netherlands you can buy similar soft play ball pen also at  bol.com

This picture is from Milky Bubble Kids but in The Netherlands you can buy similar soft play ball pen also at bol.com


Usually when the budget is more or less flexible I make 2 design proposals with two prices. That way there’s always an option and you know what you pay for. The first cake I designed is a single tier buttercream cake with a drip, sugar decorations and a 3D modelled zebra. The second design is based on that first design but two tiered, finished with fondant and has a more circus feel to it.

I wanted a modern, fun and sophisticated pallet that works well for both parents and kids

In the future I want to add in process pictures or videos of the cake design, but to be totally honest: this cake was made during holiday season. I was busy enough ;-). But I did manage to do the assembly in front of the camera. Enjoy!

I’d love to hear in the comments below what you think of the final design :-).

Have a Happy Day, 


Design One

Design One

Design Two

Design Two

Final Cake Design

Final Cake Design