Find Happy in Change!

September is the month for change & new things. The main change of this month is going from Summer to Autumn, which officially starts on September 23th on the Northern hemisphere 🌍. The possibilities of summer are gone, and the chill of winter is on the horizon. It’s the season of change, of transition. 


Some people cope with change in a positive way and find it challenging and new. Some just dread the change, the shorter days, the colder weather. I’m somewhere in between. Part of me loves it. Loves the brown leaves, the walks in the parks with the dogs, the smell of grass, the cozy evenings, the change of your wardrobe 🙃. And part of me hates it! The grey skies, the shorter days, having to get out of the house, having to get out of the bed in the cold air… That’s winter. Haha. But you get my vibe! That’s why I think this is a fitting quote for the beginning of this month: Find the Happy in change! Every week, month, year & season has its challenges, but every week, month, year & season are pieces of Happy to be found.

I've made a quick September list I can hold on to to keep my positive vibes up & things to look forward to:

What are you looking forward to this month?
Enjoy this week and looking forward to hearing all about your happy!

Have a Happy Day,