The Happy Nines of 2018

It’s becoming somewhat of a tradition to post your best nine pictures on Instagram. The best nine are an automatically generated collage of your best nine performing pictures on Instagram in that year. The two platforms I found to generate these pictures are: Top Nine (available in app and web version) and (only web). Maybe there are more apps or sites, but I honestly haven’t looked further than google search page one. So feel free to investigate. I’ll head on over to tell you a bit of behind my best nine. 

The stats

99 published posts


51 likes per post


Say Boo. This picture was a throwback to Halloween. In Holland we don’t celebrate Halloween that big to my knowledge! Correct me in the comments if I'm wrong 😉. What do you think? Kick it up a notch and make a cake collection for 2019?

Halloween Cake for  Boulevard 5 Luxury Apartments  in Zandvoort te Netherlands.

Halloween Cake for Boulevard 5 Luxury Apartments in Zandvoort te Netherlands.


Me trying to figure out my camera set-up for video’s. Still looking for courage to just go ahead and “just” do it!



✨ Made with magic ✨ This was a fab collab with Blond Amsterdam where I got to make the cake supporting this new collection. The collection is available in the Blond Amsterdam shop. So head over now!



This picture is all about Happy & cake-swaps. I learned about Cheesycakes from a colleague of mine and liked Spiros’s (The Chef) cakes right away. And vice-versa. We kept liking each others stuff, but never tried them. So while chatting on Instagram I decided to make Spiros a Cookie Dough Layer Cake and surprise him with it. Sometimes life just calls for spontaneity. Be sure to visit if you’re in the city centre of Amsterdam.



A preview of my new layer cakes collection. Love that this picture did so well! Little fact: I draw all my cake illustrations myself.



Valentine cupcakes! Valentine is almost coming up. What are your plans?



And the launch of my new layer cakes collection! Yes you can buy these babies online.



My heart drips for you! Thanks for this pictures second place. It’s coming back this valentine.



TADA! On number one is me with a pink velvet cake for Cafe Blond. Did you know this picture was taken in a bit of hurry in my living room and the cake was freaking heavy. Lol.


Hooray for another successful year!

Thank you all so much for keep following my business, liking my products and posts. Looking forward to a Happy 2019 with all of you.

Have an amazing new year ❤️👩🏽‍🍳