Water your own grass first

You know how the saying goes: the grass is always greener on the other side. These days with social media and in particular Instagram that seems to be true. It’s not! 

The reason I’m thinking about this is that we were watching The Bucket List Family on YouTube yesterday. If you don’t know them check them out! Just love how they sold everything & took their kids to travel the world.

I’m always so amazed by people who are brave enough to do this. 

The only problem I sometimes have with this is that I also get some kind of envy. Not in a bad way, but more in a way that makes me think about were I want my own life to go and what I want from it. I do not have those answers now, but it is food for thought. One thing I do know is that these kind of stories teaches us to be adventurous, brave, not afraid and just do it 💪🏽!

Going back to the grass. It’s easy to get lost on Social Media and think that other people live a better, happier life that you. That’s so not true! We all try to look our best selves on all socials, but behind that there always difficulties and experiences that formed us as human beings.

That’s why I always try to be myself on social media. And yes! I also want my pictures to look the best, that’s why I’m so grateful to be working with food 😋. Also that content doesn’t come easy. It’s hard work (fun, but hard). When I do show myself on camera, mostly after 5-10 takes/shots I think it’s good enough. There’s a lot of self doubt, self perfectionisme, criticism to oneself during that process and also the superficial nonsense like if I look good enough 😣 At the end of the day I’m happy & proud with myself & the people in my life, my hard work and that’s really all that counts ❤️

This week

  • I’m going to think some more about what I want from life

  • start my flower garden project (that will get me through autumn & winter!)

  • write & film happy stories (and recipes 😋) for you all!

I’m curious to hear your opinion on the matters mentions above 🤔.
Leave a comment below 😊.
Have a Bon Siman!